A secure Java Password Manager
What Is JPM?
JPM is a port of the Figaro’s Password Manager (FPM) program to 100% Java.  
It is free and open source.
FPM is a Gnome desktop application that stores website URLs, usernames, passwords and notes in a Blowfish encrypted XML file.  This is a nice application but requires Gnome.
JPM is a 100% Java implementation that uses the same files as FPM with a Swing GUI.  This allows you to use it on Windows, Mac as well as Linux.
It is well suited to those who have data in FPM files and want to be able to access it on multiple platforms.
Current Status (October 2006)
A working version is available for download.  This reads and write FPM compatible files correctly.
Send your feedback to jpm<at>redclock<dot>net